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so·cial adj. - Of, relating to, or occupied with matters affecting human welfare.

the·ol·o·gy n. - The study of the nature of God and religious truth; rational inquiry into religious questions.

- from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

Social Theology - The systematic study of and preoccupation with issues of human welfare from the perspective of divine revelation.

Disclaimer—If my major target audience were professional Christian theologians and philosophers, these definitions would need further qualifications. At a more popular level they suffice.


Meaning of “Boeriana:”

What does “Boeriana” mean? It is a fairly common practice to link a noun, whether ordinary or proper, to the suffix “-iana” or simply “na.” When I first chose that name, I assumed that most people with some academic background were familiar with both the practice and its meaning. To my great surprise, this appears not to be the case. Many of my readers are puzzled by the term.

Well, take terms like “Africana,” “Nigeriana,” “Canadiana,” or “Americana.” What do they signify? They indicate that the materials you are about to read or discuss deal with Africa, Nigeria, Canada or the Americas. In terms of personal names like “Boer” or “Kuyper,” we are dealing with stuff written by or about Boer or Kuyper or, in the case of Kuyper, by adherents to the Kuyperian school of thought. Thus “Boeriana” simply means that the materials before you either are written by or about Boer.

Probably some of you will ask why I do not change the name of this page. Very simple. This website and its various pages are referred to in so many of my documents, especially in foot-and endnotes, that changing it at this stage would cause widespread confusion. So please remember the meaning of the term and run with it as you read the many documents on this website. I wish you a happy read!

Outline of the Boeriana Page:

This page constitutes the general bibliography of Boer’s writings. More specialized bibliographies are found on the Kuyperiana and Islamica pages. Many of the documents are either entirely devoted to Nigeria or have a strong orientation to that country, the reason being that we have served in that country for 30 years. Much of the literature on this page constitutes part of our Nigeria ministry.

Many of the titles of both books and articles are linked to the full text of the item so that this is not only a bibliography but a small library where you can read most of the actual text. And it’s all free of charge for your enjoyment and edification.

As you will see below, the page is divided into sections, most of which are sub-divided into “Books” and “Articles, Lectures, Tracts.”

The major and first linked document is the five-volume memoir of Jan/John & Frances Prins-Boer entitled Every Square Inch—A Missionary Memoir.

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“Kuyperiana” means literature that includes the following:

This tradition has led to the creation of a unique and powerful Christian perspective that undergirds much of my work and that of a growing global group of socially concerned individuals such as philosophers, theologians, scientists, authors, politicians, labour and business leaders, etc. as well as institutions such as colleges and universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, labour unions, think tanks, journals and magazines. Its main thrust has been to challenge the established order of secularism, while it also has been addressing the postmodern scene, all of that with a viable alternative philosophical tool kit. Many of its proponents occupy or have occupied strategic positions in various cultural segments in countries around the world, not the least North America.

The Main Outline of this Page:


This page provides extensive coverage of all my Christian-Muslim publications.

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This is where you satisfy your curiosity about a guy who calls himself a "Social Theologian."