This page contains a list of Boer's publications and some writings that were not published. You will see that many of them were published in Nigeria, for that was the context in which most of them were written.

My readers will have noticed a perspective that gives shape to all of my writing. It is a wholistic perspective to which I was initiated by the late Prof. H. Evan Runner, a former philosophy professor at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

This perspective goes by various names, such as "Neo-Calvinism," "Reformational" or "Kuyperianism." It is a school of thought and social action that originated with Abraham Kuyper in The Netherlands but that is now sought after by Christians from every continent. This perspective is seen by a growing international group of scholars and social activists as a viable arsenal of tools in the development of a Christian worldview and a programme of action based on that worldview. For more details re. Kuyper, see the Kuyperiana page.

Christian-Muslim Relations

See ISLAMICA page.

See the two Boer Blogs for continued writings:

Wholistic Health Care

All items published by Christian Health Association of Nigeria.

Wholistic Health Care of, for and by the People, 1989, 37 pp.

Wholistic Health Care, 1995, 400 pp.

Other Boeriana

A Cikin Farko, 1971, 68 pp

Samu'ila, 1974, 70 pp

Sarakuna, 1975, 70 pp

Missionary Messengers of Liberation in a Colonial Context 1979, 530 pp

Missions: Heralds of Capitalism or Christ? 1984, 208 pp

Living in God's World, 1980, 81 pp

Kai da Dukiyarka, 1982, 80 pp

Tafarkin Salama, 1984, 180 pp, rev. 1995

The Way of Peace, 1996, about 200 pp.

The Power in Your Baptism, 1985, 20 pp.

Talakawa Ku Tashi Tsaye, 1987, 30 pp. (Hausa language)

Christianity and Islam under Colonialism in Northern Nigeria, 1988, 68 pp.

Christians & Mobilization, 1989, 20 pp.

You Can Do Greater Things than Christ: Demons, Miracles, Healing and Science, 1991, 1993, 77 pp.

Science without Faith Is Dead, 1991, 1993, 23 pp.

The Church & the External Debt, 1992, 219 pp.

Caught in the Middle: Christians in Transnational Corporations, 1992, 222pp.

The Prophet Moses Today: 366 Social Meditations, 1995, 190 pp.

Pentecostal Challenge, 1996, 88 pp. (editor).

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