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Below are the bare bones of my personal story and my family, the non-career part of the story. The full story can be found in our memoirs Every Square Inch. See the first item on the Boeriana page of this website.

John/Jan – born in Lutjegast, The Netherlands in 1938
Immigrated to Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada in 1951

Frances (Fran) Ann (wife) – born in Hantumhuizen, The Netherlands in 1942
Immigrated to Grand Rapids, MI, USA in 1948

Married – 1962

Graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids – John: 1962; Fran: 1963

Frances – elementary school teacher at Godwin Christian, Wyoming, MI: 1963-1965

John graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids: 1965

John and Frances –
– African Studies at Mich. State University: 1965-1966
– Missionaries to Nigeria, 1966-1996
– Three natural children: Kevin Richard (1969); Cynthia Jenelle (1973); Wiebe Karl (1974)
– One adopted Nigerian daughter: Lydia, now mother of three adult sons.
– Seven natural grandchildren (2014); three via Lydia.
– Grand Rapids, MI (1996-2001); Vancouver, BC (2001-present)


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Dr. Jan/John H. Boer
Vancouver BC, Canada
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