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"Part of the mix in views is due to a fundamental underlying difference in perception between believers and non–believers on the whole concept of religion, faith and God."

—Polster Angus Reid on "multi-faceted" religion in Canada
Vancouver Sun, July 1, 2017 (NP4)

The above statement is found at the top of the page in white capital letters on black background. In other words, this is important! But the Reformed have been saying this all along. It's just that the media do not want to give this space. But Angus Reid is regarded as part of the respected "establishment" and its statements are therefore given ears.

After wavering a long time, it was decided to add a page on secularism and postmodernism. However, for convenience I refer to all of it as "secularism." Much of this website is one vast expose of that worldview and a presentation of its Christian alternative, but it really had no room for needed expressions and explanations of secularism itself by its own adherents.

This page is not a recommendation of secularism, but it allows its adherents to expose their irrational, blind and intolerant tunnel vision to life. If you wonder what I mean by this characterization, well, you are kindly invited to explore the entire website. If I had started this page earlier, some of the items on the other pages, especially the GUEST ARTICLES page, might have been placed here. Well, we do the best we can.

So, though there is a section for Christian writers on this page, most of the writers are secularists themselves. Here they can spout off all they want, though I do not give them as much space as I give to Christians by any means. Actually, the materials on this page are sparse and random. There is an ocean of secular material on the internet that we leave for you to discover on your own.

For the secularist among my readers, enjoy—but.... THINK! SERIOUSLY! For the Christian, try to restrain your annoyance at secular narrow mindedness and free yourself from that feeling of being despised. You have so much more to offer.


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This partial article surfaced from an unknown source, but we judge it worthwhile for placement on this page.

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James K. A. Smith, editor of Cardus' Comment, speaking of secularism, asked what stands in the way of societal peace or shalom, answered that it is

a creeping—indeed, increasingly aggressive—secularism at work in our society that, in the name of tolerance, is less and less tolerant of public religious expression. I think secularism is most aggressive precisely when it's in its last gasps. Behind this bluster—which might actually come from a place of cultural insecurity—is perhaps a still small voice that haunts secular culture.... I think we're beginning to see some cracks in the secular, and sometimes even the most aggressive lashing out could be a kind of veiled call for help. (with apologies, the source of this quote got lost.)

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“…most people who…are more thoughtful…, admit that they actually didn’t lose their faith, they just adopted a new faith. They adopted a new community, a new set of beliefs, a new set of moral values, none of which can be proven….”

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The adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982 amounted to a wholesale change in Canada’s constitutional and legal foundation. There is no such thing as neutrality. With the Charter, Christianity was cast aside and secular humanism became the ultimate basis of Canada’s constitution. AND

NOTE: The above links seem to be off and on. However, the root link IS valid: < https://christianrootscanada >

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This story clearly illustrates the confusion that plagues Canadian secular courts about the nature of religion, worldview and culture, a confusion that is characteristic of the secular mindset in general. To equate “strictly secular” with “non-sectarian principles” as does the B.C. School Act according to Tristin Hopper’s article, is as doctrinal a statement as you find in any religious creed. It is a general blindness to their own convictions and beliefs common to secularists.

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Leftism, Liberalism

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Sex, Gender, Education

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[1] This draft describes what some would consider the basic information a course on Humanism should convey. It is largely derived from a “Syllabus for the Study of Humanism” (2003), proposed by Z. Bailey of the Queensland Humanist Society, Australia. Per-mission to use her material is hereby gratefully acknowledge