The Boer-Prins Family Legacy

This page contains the heritage of the writings and a few other activities of members of the Boer-Prins family. Some entries on this page qualify as part of ORAL—Online Reformational Academic Library— others do not. The distinction is not in differences in quality so much as to whether they are academic or more popular. Both of are equal value; they just have different purposes. The entries include those of Boer-Prins family members as well as a few other Boer relatives. There are no entries from myself, Jan Harm Boer, for my heritage is spread over several other pages—on BOERIANA and ISLAMICA especially. Then there are my translations spread especially over KUYPERIANA, ISLAMICA and GUEST ARTICLES. Of course, all of my history as well as that of my wife, Frances Ann Boer-Prins, is recorded in our memoirs, with which we open the BOERIANA page. And with all this we hope to bless our descendants. Across all the pages we hope they see not only our writings, translations and other achievements, but more than anything, our faith in a God who has led us all the way through thick and thin and Whom it has been our deepest pleasure to serve.

That leads to the question where the name “Boer” comes from to begin with. During the Napoleonic era in the Netherlands during the nineteenth century, every family was mandated to choose a last name. According to another Jan J. Boer of a lineage totally different from this Jan Boer, the original founder and proprietor of this website, one Jacob Harms in the eastern region of the province of Groningen was responsible for making the choice for his family. He thought about his father, who used to say, “I am a farmer and want to stay a farmer,”[1] “farmer” meaning “Boer.” So, Jacob decided, “Boer” it will be.[2] I assume that is the way my last name was settled as well. From there it was a short way to “Boeriana.”

Geert E. Boer with G. K. Hemkes, trans. Jan H. Boer, A Man of the People: The Life of Professor Geert Egberts Boer. Vancouver: Social Theology, 2018.

Geert Egbert Boer was the first “President” of what is now Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI, USA, from 1876-1902. His great grandson is the fourth cousin to Jan Harm Boer, the creator and proprietor of this website. So, Wiebe Karl Boer, appointed President of Calvin University in 2022, my son, stepped into the shoes of his distant relative, Geert Egberts. The Boer tradition continues at Calvin. For Wiebe, his own writings and writings about him, scroll a bit down this page.

Frances Ann Boer-Prins

Frances has fulfilled many roles in the development of this website, especially as editor and administrator. Without her contributions, there would be no website.

----------, and Jan H. Boer, Every square inch, the family memoir. See the opening entry on the BOERIANA page. For the Prins side of the story see chapters 3,4,5,6,7,11.

----------, Miscellaneous Speeches.

“The Parents’ Role in the Mental or Intellectual Development of a Child.”

Speech delivered at a Symposium for Mothering Sunday at St. Piran’s Anglican Church, Jos, Nigeria, March 29, 1992.

“The Christian Home.” A speech delivered at St. Piran’s Anglican Church, Jos, Nigeria, March, 1990.

A speech at a Christmas program Hillcrest School, Jos, Nigeria, December 15, 1988.

A speech given at a Women’s Missionary Union meeting Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 12, 1977.

A speech given in the Hausa language at Babban Taron Mata, Ibi, Nigeria, 1971.

Translation of Above Speech given at Annual Women’s Fellowship Meeting Ibi, Nigeria,1971.

A speech delivered at South Christian High School Graduation, Cutlerville, Michigan, May, 1959.

“The Christian Witness,” a speech given at a Young People’s Society Speech Contest, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1959.

Frances teaching fractions at Hillcrest School, Jos, Nigeria. “Impact”—a Christian Reformed World Mission (now Resonate) brochure, February 1991.

----------, ed., “Lydia,” in Joanna De Jonge and Marjo Rouw, Hands across Africa. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1988. Chapter 10, pp.60-64. Based on an interview with Frances A. Boer, who is also the editor of this digital edition

Edwin de Jong, Letter of appreciation for above. Christian Reformed World Mission, December 20, 1988.


For student writings about Dr. Boer as President of Calvin University since July 2022, read the online version of Chimes, the university’s student newspaper. Apart from some articles about Boer's appointment just below this paragraph, with some possible rare exceptions, they will not be listed in this bibliography

Gerrit Sheeres, “Zoon van Oud-Lutjegaster President van Amerikaanse Universiteit.” Tasman Koerier—Dorpskrant Lutjegast, vol. 33, no. 3, December 2023. Translation: “Son of former resident of Lutjegast appointed President of an American University.” Tasman Koerier, quarterly Lutjegast news bulletin, Lutjegast being a village in Groningen, the Netherlands.

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Dr. Wiebe Boer | (

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Interview with President Wiebe K. Boer, President-to-be of Calvin University.

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or more websites and information, access “Wiebe Boer inauguration Calvin University.”

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Victor Duru, “Oyinbo Man Celebrates Becoming a Farmer in Nigeria, Showcases His Large Farms,” Many People React Saturday, July 17, 2021. < >. Read more: AND An Oyinbo man has surprised many on the... - Breaking News | Facebook

Wiebe K. Boer, Wiebe Boer inauguration speech at Calvin University live at You Tube “Wiebe Boer inauguration speech at Calvin University,” October 26 2022.

The above YouTube programme covers the entire inauguration ceremony. Boer’s own speech starts at < 1:09:25 >.

Jehan C. Boer, Speech at his father Wiebe Boer’s inauguration as President of Calvin University. October 26, 2022.

Oladehinde Oladipo, “United Nations appoints 4 Nigerians, others into finance group for high–level dialogue on energy.” Business Day, a Nigerian newspaper, February 3, 2021. United Nations appoints 4 Nigerians, others into finance group for High–Level Dialogue on Energy – Businessday NG

“The United Nations has appointed four Nigerians in a technical working group on finance and investment alongside four other groups that will prepare an action-oriented global roadmap for achieving affordable and clean energy for all by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050.

The 21-member team made up of technocrats in the global energy sector includes Nigeria's Abiodun Aina, senior investment officer at International Finance Corporation (IFC); Tariye Gbadegesin, managing director at ARM Harith Infrastructure Investment Limited; Wiebe Boer, CEO at All On; and Chris Chijiutomi, director, head of Infrastructure Equity at CDC Group.”

CEO of All On, Dr. Wiebe Boer speaks on enhancing the power sector in Nigeria.” Arise News, June 6, 2019.

A Story of Heroes and Epics: The History of Football in Nigeria. Ibadan: Bookcraft, 2018.

For more details, go to the “Sports” section on the Guest Articles page.

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Boer's Sunday Punch Series

Reunions.” July 9, 2000.

Revive us again.” July 2, 2000.

Polygamy in Britain: Sharia in sheep's skin?” June 25, 2000.

Fulbright and Nigeria.” June 18, 2000.

Football: War by other means.” June 11, 2000.

A South African activist at home in Nigeria.” June 4, 2000.

Nigeria and the new economy.” May 28, 2000.

Nigeria: Sports super power?.” May 14, 2000.

Yoruba religion in the Americas.” May 7, 2000.

African students in America.” April 30, 2000.

Nigerians at Yale University.” April 23, 2000.

American individualism vs Nigerian efficiency.” April 16, 2000.

Nigeria's day at Harvard.” April 9, 2000.

What India has to say to Nigeria.” April 2, 2000.

Asylum controversy in the UK.” March 26, 2000.

In memory of Pa. Ezeagwu: Nigerians and World War II.” March 19, 2000.

Christianity in the USA: The Nigerian Revolution.” March 12, 2000.

Promoting Nigeria in Washington.” March 5, 2000.

America's Summit on Africa.” February 27, 2000.

Neighbours, rivals and friends: Nigeria vs Cameroon.” February 20, 2000.

Oyinbo Pepper: Experience of the white man in Nigeria.” February 13, 2000.

Nigeria on the internet.” February 6, 2000.

The unquenched fire: Ogonis abroad.” January 30, 2000.

Nigeria in American eyes.” January 23, 2000.

Impact of Nigerian Muslims in the New World.” January 16, 2000.

2000 AD: Dawn of the African century.” January 9, 2000.

1000 years of Christianity: A historian's Xmas message.” December 26, 1999.

Sharia: The historical, political and diplomatic dimensions.” December 19, 1999.

Nigerians who rule America.” December 12, 1999.

Wiebe & Jehan—Father & Son, at the gate of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Business Day Weekender (Lagos), February 20, 2021, p. 3.


History in Pictures,” Business Day Weekender (Lagos), January 12, 2021, p. 26.

Lydia and Chris wedding and family pictures, including Frances Boer and Wiebe Boer—see both elsewhere on this page.

Ahaoma Kanu, “National Daily Artiste of the Year: I am still overwhelmed.” An interview with Jude Abaga. National Daily, March 26, 2010.

See entry above for Jude's connection to the Boers.

Tina Pappas, “Cynthia Boyd's Rockstar Award.” Seattle: Tarragon Property Services, March, 2021. Cynthia is the daughter of the founder of this website.

Cynthia Boyd of Sunrise Village is the eternal “glass is half full" person. She oversees marketing and events and typically runs dozens of promotions between Sunrise Village and her other center, Kent Station. Events are an integral component of bringing customers to their retailers and restaurants, but 2020 had other plans. With the annual Easter Bunny, Summer Concert Series and Free Festive Fun at Christmas off the table, Cynthia's can-do spirit helped her create new promotions and pandemic-friendly events with safety protocols. No Holiday Event? Come to their Gingerbread House tour. No Summer Concerts? She worked to make the Village Farmers Market the best it could be, turning lemons into lemonade. The tenants of Sunrise Village may or may not realize how much heart and soul she puts into everything she does, but we certainly do and would like to recognize Cynthia Boyd and the Sunrise Village as Champions of Commerce and Resilience. ” Seattle: Tarragon Property Services, March, 2021. Cynthia is the daughter of the founder of this website.

Sumner (WA) Chamber of Commerce honoured Cynthia Boyd as “2020 Champion of Commerce.” and (11)Watch | Facebook

Alison Grande, “Families divided by border closure, watch reopening plans.” Seattle: KIRO 7 News, June 8, 2021.

The picture is of Cynthia and her daughter Asia. In the back, right on the border, are Cynthia’s parents, Jan & Fran Boer from Vancouver. Boer is the founder and proprietor of this website.

Generation Z,” about Jehan Crowther Boer. Business Day Weekender, February 20, 2021, pp. 22-23. Jehan is the grandson of and named after the founder of this website.

Martha Bosma-Boer, “The Immigration Story of Martha Bosma (DutchImmigrant).” Halifax: Pier 21 Collection, n.d.

----------, "My World War II memories." A chapter in Martha Boer-Bosma, Martha's Musings and Other Memories. Victoria, BC, Canada: Unpublished but publicly read book of stories, 2019.

Martha is an older sister to Jan and Harry Boer. Her story represents the WW II experiences of a 7-12 year old girl, an experience far different from that of adults. Hers is also an experience different from that of younger brother Jan (myself), whose story is found at the top of the BOERIANA page in my memoirs Every Square Inch., volume 1, chapter 2, pp. 45-47.

Jim (or Jannes) Boer, “An Ode to Martha.” A limerick (?) written by brother Jim on sister Martha’s 90th birthday—December 11, 2022.

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An Addendum:

Jan J. Boer, A Bruised Reed: The history of a farmers’ clan in the Groningen Peat Colonies. Trans. and Ed. Dr. Jan H. Boer.

Original Dutch title: Het gekrookte riet: De Geschiedenis van een boerengeslacht in de Groninger Veenkolonien. Wildervank, Dekker & Huisman, 1980.


Excerpts selected about the religious and economic background to the above series about the Christian Reformed Church from an author whose ancestors lived through it all.

A combination of translation and translator’s comments intertwined

Jan Boer, De mens wikt, maar God beschikt: outobiografie. A family document, n.p.,2001.

This Jan Boer is one of the many by that name, all cousins named after the same grandfather, including me Jan Harm Boer, scattered over various continents. My middle name is after his father, my uncle Harm, who spent his working life as a teacher in the Dutch colony of what is now Indonesia.

Boer wrote in the Afrikaner language for the sake of his descendants, who all grew up in South Africa. No one has taken the time to translate his story.

[1] “Boer bin ik en boer wil ik blieven

[2] Jan J. Boer, Het Gekrookte Riet: De geschiedenis van een boerengeslacht in de Groninger veenkolonien. Wildervank, the Netherlands: Dekker & Huisman, 1980, p. 52. Please note that Jan J. Boer, the writer of this book, is not related to me, Jan H. Boer, the founder of this website, but we are both from peasant stock with centuries-old histories..